Every custom tension structure must go through engineering certification. Not only will permitting authorities require certified engineered drawings, but also the analysis is necessary to determine optimum member sizes for the steel and fabric. Whether your tension structure has been designed by Miri Piri Manufacturing, or a third party, we will be happy to offer our services to ensure that your tension structure is efficient, safe and certified.


Our products are beautifully designed keeping in mind the latest market trends. We have a team of skilled and experience designers that ensures top-quality product for our valuable clients. We welcome ideas from our customers and and customize our product as per the client's requirements.


Our team of qualified and experienced engineers ensures the certification of our products and provides with an efficient, effective and durable product.


Our products are manufactured using high-quality machinery and equipment. All the applications like welding, sewing, tailoring are done with extensive care.


The products we manufacture are installed with proper technique and safety. Our hardworking and dedicated installation staffs work tirelessly to satisfy our clients.